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Bilingual people can prevail in specific tasks when compared to monolingual people; research in this papers shows the positive benefits of being multilingual in both children and adults. Additionally, to some people, it appears that young children can learn a second or foreign language with little effort, utter words and sentences with ease. Research demonstrates that it is advantageous for children to pick up a second language while at an early stage in their lives, due to neurological and cognitive development processes, which adults no longer possess. This research examines whether children are better at learning and, or acquiring a second language compared to adults looking at cognitive, neurological and affective conditions.…show more content…
This type of boosted attention to detail could give an explanation as to why bilingual adults learn a third language more efficiently than monolingual adults learning a second language. Language-learning advantages of bilingual people could stem from the know how to direct the mind to information about the new language while decreasing interference from their mother tongue or another language they understand. This capability allows bilingual people to retrieve newly learned words easier, leading to significant gains in their lexicons than those normally experienced by monolingual individuals who are not as adept at inhibiting competing information. Moreover, the advantages connected with bilingual experiences appear to develop at a young age, and research has shown that these experiences can happen to infants as young as seven years old. Ramifications for young and very young children navigating a multilingual environment could be advantages that transfer well beyond language (Marian,

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