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The True Value of a Man They say a man is only as great as his ability to communicate his ideas. If this is true, then Gen Watanabe is a very great man. Gen is the most intriguing character in Be Canto by Ann Patchett due to his leadership, ability communicate, and social nature. In the beginning scenes of the book, the guests have all gathered at the President’s mansion. At first glance, Gen would seem like a timid son constantly at Mr. Hosakawa’s side and although many people were in attendance from his home country he looks out of place in this room full of elderly men who have money and power. However, Gen has a skill that outweighs their ability to dominate commerce and even their endless pockets cannot possess, language. There are very few languages that Gen doesn’t know and everyday that list diminishes. This skill takes Gen from a supporting character role to the leader of all…show more content…
Although this may be viewed as a drawback, the way Gen changes actually make him seem vivid and real. His change in mind set shows that everyone changes and that it is important to find a balance in your life. Gen finds this balance by falling in love with Carmen. His whole life he has shared everything from his knowledge to his advice so his relationship with Carmen is one thing that is all his. Of course Patchett could not just leave it at that, she adds even more depth to Gen when she tears away everything he loves when Carmen is killed in the raid to free the hostages. The way Gen responds defines him as a complex and believable character. With every page you truly feel the shock that Gen feels, you feel like you’re in a nightmare and with every page the situation worsens. By the end of Bel Canto Gen has truly taken on his role as a leader, communicator, and loving friend creating relationships that go well past

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