The Pros And Cons Of Online Dating

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Sex is just a swipe away in the 21st century as men and women use an app nowadays to pass their desires at night. The world of modern dating takes a twist as men and women just want to have a night of extravagance, which they want to repeat on a daily basis. The world of swiping really just makes things easy or do we also need to rely on technology to provide us with sex as well. Dating itself is being romantically involved with someone and dating has been around for centuries. Young people in earlier days would court with each other with the intentions of marriage or just being romantically involved. Dating has evolved over the years from men having to work out a game plan to pursuing women through online dating apps, where men and women view different profiles that display who the person is and what their attributes are. Online dating has made it easier for people from different…show more content…
University girls using tinder as means of sleeping with campus guys so that they can mix and mingle between different frat and sorority houses. It is an easy method used by many people to penetrate into different social groups or finding someone that they like through the application. One young woman even stated that she spends 20 hours a day going through tinder where as another stated that its fun for her to get the messages since she thinks that means she is attractive and it is a major confidence booster. What most women forget is that they don’t need to put their pictures up on tinder or to get invited to parties. They should try approaching a guy they find attractive, as a simple hello can go a long way. Women don’t have to feel less confident just because they are not invited to a party instead they just need to smile and try to get their attention. Loving yourself is the first step to self-respect and if a woman does not respect herself then men won’t

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