The Importance Of Imagination

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Forgetting is frustrating. Imagination allows you to have thoughts that reach beyond your own limited experiences, it is like an invisible arm that allows you to reach out into the unknown for ideas. Imagination is your mind's ability to create experience because your brains are wired to remember experientially and your hippocampus is structural central to the formation of memories in your brain. It is particularly sensitive to visual, emotional, and special clues. This is why are more able to form memory attached to pictures, or the way that we felt or locations that we have been in. When you are wired to remember experientially and when we are able to use imagination are to convert or exaggerate the information we wish to store, it…show more content…
Imagination creates an experience, when data becomes experimental is more memorable. One of the ways to improve your memory is to increase the depths of processing well so we can remember better. For example, you want to remember where you parked your car? Your car is parked at E6. Normally, if you just try to remember it when you walk into the shopping mall you might easily forget. But you can easily elaborate a little bit. E can stand for an elephant, seeing an elephant in a parking lot is quite unusual, an elephant has six appendages, four legs, trunk and the tail. If you picture an elephant with six appendages, probably painted pink you are likely to remember it. This is one level of elaborate processing and normally more outrageous you may get the better your memory is. Deeper level of processing means you elaborate your item to be processed in a deeper way, thinking how it relates to your environment, how it relates to you and by doing that you create more memory traces within your brain so you have the ability to tag on to other relevant times. Imagination is powerful as it creates…show more content…
It is the same word but different amount of remembering. The name Baker doesn't actually mean anything to you, it is just floating around in your skull with all other memories. But we know bakers, they wear funny hats, they smell good when they come from work, maybe you even know someone who is a baker. When we hear this word we start to put these hooks to this word that make sit easier to remember and fish it out later some other day. The entire art of remembering things in everyday life is figuring out the way how to transform capital „B“ in a word Baker into lower case „b“ baker. It is important to take information that is lacking in a contest, insignificance, in meaning and transform it in some way so that it has meaning among all the other that you have in your mind. Your life can be improved by learning new learning techniques as you constantly relying on your learning memory system because you learn things every single day of your life. You might have to remember how to get to the store, series of to do items, learning new names, learning a new process that you might have to perform at

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