How Do External Factors Affect Haiti

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Haiti Haiti is considered as the country that is not well developed in the world. There are many external factors lead Haiti into a hopeless position. The external factors start from the French colonization and American occupation in Haiti to the foreign investments nowadays. These factors create different cultural background for Haiti leads the country to lack of imagination. According to Massey (2002), geographical imagination is the imagination of defensible place, of the right of local people to their own local place, of the world divided by difference and the smack of firm boundaries, (Pg 293) which means geographical imagination is the imagination of a place with clear culture, politics, economy, and differences with other places. The additional internal factors put Haiti into the biggest crisis, which are the endless natural disasters start from 2010. Therefore, Haiti has the concern of stability, poverty, and independence lead to the lack of development of the country. While the internal factors destroy Haiti, the external factors of colonial history, foreign investment, and lack of geographical imagination are the additional damages that hinder the development of Haiti. Colonial history with the manipulation of politics, economic, culture and social by American and European countries leads Haiti to the struggle of instability. First of all, the first colonization by France slows down the development of Haiti because of the Haitian revolution during the colonization. According to Macleod (2011), the France earns profit by slave trading the…show more content…
 According to Dupuy (2010), investors are attracted to Haiti due to low wage workers, close proximity to the US market, lack of control of foreign exchange control, and free circulation of the US dollar. (Pg 15 &

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