The Importance Of Heart Blindness

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Blindness is the condition of poor visual perception (“blindness”). Which means if you are blind, your world will be lost in a black. People’s blindness will cause a lot of inconvenience. However, we naturally regard blindness as an extremely fearful thing happened to a person. We sometimes ignore that people’s hearts also go blind. Heart blindness is a condition of lacking of reverence for how to live your own life (“heart blindness”). One’s heart represents one’s soul (“Aristotle thought”). It is horrendous if people live in the world without a true soul. So what causes our hearts lost in a black? Three major reasons are the growing development of money worship, too much efforts put in academic study and parents’ arrangements. Now I will…show more content…
An article named “what’s the value of higher education” interprets that as an American axiom, getting an education particularly a top education is the key to human betterment and prosperity. Thus, a tremendous fees and energy are put in academic study. However, it in fact can not cater to the reality (From The New Yorker “what’s the value of higher education”). The condition is same in China. There is an old firm view in China that children can not lose in the beginning. At the same time, statistics from Baidu states that every year about 9.4 million students will take the Gao Kao (“This year”). It is obvious that the view for children is consolidated by the serious condition of getting a top university. Thus, there is a peculiar saying in China: high grades but no ability to live. These words describe such kind of students who only focus on academic study, though getting the highest grades, they have no ability to live their own lives. As a Chinese student, I also experienced series of cruel tests about academic study. I can obviously feel that in such a process, my heart has already started to go blind. My life can be concluded in three things: sleeping eating and study. What we know is only to recite every word on the academic paper and practice every question on my tests. So I never think about which job I want to do and who I want to be. And nobody tells me in fact, I should

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