Is 800-1984 Case Study

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COMPARITIVE STUDY OF IS: 800-2007 AND IS: 800-1984 ON FLEXURAL MEMBERS, COMPRESSION MEMBERS AND PLATE GIRDER K. Murali Krishna1, J. Supriya2 1. PG student, Department of civil engineering, VR Siddhartha engineering college, Vijayawada, India, 2. Assistant professor, Department of Civil engineering College, VR Siddhartha engineering college, Vijayawada, India. Abstract- A structural engineer is often guided in his efforts by the code of practice. The fundamental objective of code is to ensure safety and serviceability. The codes provide guidelines for the design and construction of structures .They are revised at regular intervals to reflect new developments and experience gained from…show more content…
INTRODUCTION IS 800 -2007 is based on limit state method whereas IS 800 -1984 is based working stress method. The acceptable limit for the safety and service ability requirements before failure is limit state .The objective of limit state design is to achieve a structure that will not become unfit for use with an acceptable reliability. IS 800 is basic standarad widley used and accepteded by engineers,technical institutoions, proffesional bodies and industry. EXPERIMENTAL…show more content…
In Is 800-1984 , the permissible bending stress in tension fbt or in compression fbc is given by fbc =fbt = 0.66fy Compression members: i. The design compressive strength Pd , of a member is given by: P < Pd Where Pd = Aefcd Where Ae = effective sectional area fcd = design compressive stress. ii. The design compressive stress, fcd, of axially loaded compression members shall be calculated using the following equation: Where = λ = non-dimensional slenderness ratio = fcc = Euler buckling stress = Where KL/r = effective slenderness ratio α = imperfection factor χ = stress reduction factor λm0 = partial safety factor for material

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