Greek Women In The Child Bride

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To commence with, it is apparent for us to realize the key first Greek cultural element at the beginning of the film that is concept of the Greek about Greek women. When Toula was young, while her counterparts in America owned a blond hair, did everything they liked and ate everything they wanted, she had to keep her black ruffled hair unchanged and went to a Greek school in order to study everything of Greece until she was 15. Since the ancient period, the Greek have had belief that each woman in Greek society must do 3 things: get married with a Greek man, give birth to Greek children and take care of family members. Only when they complete their responsibilities do they become really Greek women. In the eyes of traditional society, if a girl does not get married, that means she is guilty to Jesus, which is expressed though the praying action of Toula’s aunt and uncle when Gus said that Toula did not want to get married. This is also the main reason why Toula’s father – Gus, always has urged her to marry since she was 15 years old until adult.

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