The Importance Of Harmony In Society

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A Roman historian and also a politician, Sallust said, “Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.” As time progresses America is losing its harmony. The people are forgetting the meaning of harmony and replaced it with the definition of hatred. Hatred has long spread all over America. In America nothing can get done because everybody disagrees with each other. The people have lost their sense of peace and unity. America has lost its harmony, but with education, music, and embracing diversity can help find harmony once again. In order to understand harmony American people need to get educated on the topic. A way on educating the people about harmony is giving free presentations about the meaning of harmony and how it can be encompassed. These presentations will give the community a sense of unity when they see people collaborating together. Also the presentation will spread positive vibes which give a person something instead of negativity which gives a person nothing. Another way to educate people is by promoting harmony through…show more content…
In this new era of technology music and movies can have a popular impact on the younger generation. Therefore harmony should be promoted through music and movies. The music that is being heard now a days is not promoting peace instead it is promoting women being sexualized, drugs, and alcohol. Rather than music promoting drugs and alcohol we should hear about friendships, love, peace all these can help bring back harmony to America. Movies are another factor that can help America be great again. Movies promote violence in the action and thriller genres. When showing children violence at a young age it gives the children a sense that violence is ok and it is not. Alternatively, showing movies about the meaning of friendship or love can impact the stop of violence. Showing the younger generation peace and love can help spur

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