The Fault In Our Stars Analysis

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Another great performance by Shailene Woodley that based on John green's bestselling novel, “ the fault in our stars “ is a romance drama film. It is above all a movie about cancer, which is a dramatic world of death and survival. But in the movie, It reveals few physical symptoms other than slightly paled skin .In a way, movie cancer often feels less like a genuine threat to the lives of the characters, and more like a bizarre fashion statement. It is passed on teenagers that gives it their all as the two young lovers, both of them are cancer sufferers. The two young lovers begin to spend their entire time together also learning to let go and live on. This is a real-life examination of living with cancer, a teen romantic drama. Moreover, it shows the power of love that the parent has for a child The film offers Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley), a 16-year-old who can hardly remember not living with cancer. who carries a respirator wherever she goes, and has to wear a tube across her face. Her parents (Laura Dern, Sam Trammell) are a loving who very worry that Hazel is depressed, as she has no friends and spends her time endlessly rereading reclusive author Peter Van Houten’s postmodern cancer-themed novel, “An Imperial Affliction.” After some insistently gentle prodding, she agrees to attend a weekly church-basement support group…show more content…
But the actor who inherited the role out incredibly well and make the movie impressive. Everyone can watch it because this film has about love, lover and family, but that is more lifestyle’s patient . After watching this making us realise about caring more health, spending more time with our loves , understanding about cancer patients including other diseases. The movie teaches us a truth which a sadness or a bad thing is a thing that everyone has to face and cannot escape it. So we have to accept and live life
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