Pros And Cons Of Confucianism

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Confucianism was created in order to form social values, practices, and the idea of perfection of traditional society. It didn't have a church, but their values were taught through families, friends, teachers and the government. “Neither Confucius nor Mencius had had much actual political administrative experience…” Confucians believe that the familiar ideals of friendship, parenthood, and filiality are not unreal, but we rarely can attain these ideals of perfection in each aspect of our day to day lives. Confucius felt that only a civilised society would be able to have this ideal social order, stable, unified, and strong, that people doing the correct thing would be able to reform and perfect the community as a whole, seeking the answer to one question; “If it is not the ancestral and nature spirits, what then is the basis of a stable, unified, and enduring social order?" He put emphasis on not only day to day social life, but also humaneness, also called ren.…show more content…
"...developed during the brutal years of the Fourth Century BCE." This tradition emphasised the need for a "...strong government and a carefully devised code of law, along with a policing force that would stringently and impartially enforce these rules and punish harshly even the most minor infractions." Nearly scaring people into line, Legalism is the strongest of the three, however, also the weakest, not valuing peoples’ happiness, or their sanity, even; punishments were cruel even for the smallest offences. "The dominant imagery in Legalisms' writings is of forcefully straightening or unbending twisted tree limbs so that they grow perfectly straight, or using hot irons to burn the tree limbs so that they will grow in the desired direction." While being strong in some aspects, this tradition wouldn’t see many townspeople that adhered to it, for they were the ones to be punished if an offence did

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