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APM Monday Morning Quarterback Paper “Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds,” is a song from the Beatles’ album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. I have chosen this iconic piece of work because I recently watched a television show on the Beatles and recording history and this song was discussed as an important step in the American pop music advancement. The music in this piece is equally as hypnotic in lyrical and musical elements. Some consider the work to be the first of its kind because the Beatles used studio work and recording to create the dynamics and harmony used in the song. What makes this song unique is the outrageous key shifts due to those studio edits. This type of editing was very new during the Beatles time, the ability to slow down and speed up a song was a huge advancement. This piece of music includes three keys, a four-part texture, ABCABCAC structure, and a shockingly simple melody along with an intro and a slight fading outro. This song contains two different beats/meters. To begin with, this song has verse, bridge, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus, verse, chorus (ABCABCAC)…show more content…
With a slight reminiscence to childhood. The mood is dreamy, psychedelic, and hypnotic. This song makes me feel as though I am dreaming, woken, and drifting back to sleep again. The reason for this is the dynamics of the song the quick variation of accelerando and ritardando. As well as the quick time signature changes placed throughout the song. I think the drone like harmony creates the hypnotic feeling in this song. Emotionally this song makes me happy, it makes me feel airy and whimsical. This song was originally said to be about LSD, but it was inspired by Lennon’s son. The common misconception is understandable, this song evokes a “high” feeling when the artists stretch some of the lyrics making their voices sound warped or higher pitched in some places. The mood goes hand in hand with the musical

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