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Ann Papuashvili Being human means being a social creature. One’s life cannot be imagined without people around him or her. First and most important is our family. People, we share flesh and blood and our whole lifetime with but they aren’t the only ones. Every one of us needs a person we may not have blood connection with but we can share our inner self. We call them friends. While talking about friendship I always want to say or write so many things and nothing at all at the same time and I think it shows my attitude about this subject pretty well. Why is that? Because friendship is the most crucial kind of relationship for me because of the high importance of having a choice. Making a friend means finding and choosing someone you decide to share your soul, your…show more content…
Comparing to the numerous qualities trustworthy/genuine is the first one as I think. Being genuine with someone will definitely give us their trust. Being the part of the colorful society definitely brings extra luggage meaning insecurities with it. So one cannot simply go and trust everyone blindly. We just need someone to rely on and to feel confident enough to show them these insecurities without fearing of being judged. So trust has the same weight either while starting a friendship or continuing one I guess. As it was mentioned above we are all humans which implies imperfection in itself. In other words everyone makes mistakes by himself/herself or with the influence of some other factors. That’s why the ability of forgiveness is so important in relationships in general and in friendship especially. Being able to forgive means being able to understand the human nature and it’s lack of perfection. It also means willingness to keep being compassionate about your loved ones, keep fighting for them all over

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