Drive Theory In Sport

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Whether its basketball, tennis, soccer or football, the notion of an athlete choking can happen to anyone and anywhere when the individual gets in their own way mentally or their mind prevents themselves from performing their best. The concept of choking in sport and exercise psychology is a process that occurs to many athletes under extreme pressure or anxiety in which leads to poor performance. Athletes under pressure result from the expectation of the need to perform well under challenging situations. When performing under pressure, all athletes fear failure causing them to overthink the situation and result to choking. Choking does not only present poor performance however, suboptimal performance occurs when under pressure conditions.…show more content…
The notion of the drive theory is the belief of an individual’s performance functioning under two factors: habit strength and arousal or drive. Drive theorists believe that an increased level of arousal and drive, will outcome a better performance. Thus, as psychological arousal increases, an athlete’s performance improves as well. However, if the situation becomes more complex, the theory cannot be supported (Gammage, 124). Another theory of arousal that has been examined through sports is the Inverted-U theory. This theory, stressed the idea of an athletes performance to escalate as arousal increases however only up to a certain extent. As drive theories focus on performance failure, the notion of attentional theory examines how pressure has the capability to change how one things about and attends to the process involved in skill performance (Hill, Hanton, Matthews & Fleming,…show more content…
One factor that may a result athletes to choke during their game is the presence of an audience. The presence of an audience can have a positive or negative affect on an athlete. For example, for a home advantage the loud and supportive audience can enable some players to perform well under pressure however, other athletes cannot perform at home under high stress situations and thus resulting athletes to choke. Many people believe in the home advantage as home audience think that their support will increase the home team’s chances of succeeding. However, as athletes care and appreciate the crowds support, their appearance creates more pressure for the team with concerns about disappointing a supportive audience thus, begin to overthink the situation and fear failure which in the end can result to

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