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Kidney stones Overview: The kidney stones are inorganic material especially calcium coming from concentrated starches, concretions that form in the kidneys. The male population has a probability triple than women to develop calculi in the urinary tract. A ' feed rich in salt and more generally sodium increases urinary excretion of calcium and reduces the pH of urine and the excretion of citrate, favoring the formation of kidney stones of calcium oxalate. Causes: Factors contributing to the formation of kidney stones can be many. Among these, the most common are: 1. Power: A diet rich in foods containing oxalates, such as, spinach, beets, chocolate, black tea, or taking supplements of vitamin C and D, may be a possible cause of stone…show more content…
Genetic and / or hormonal. 5. Excess sodium, which induces an increase of calcium concentration. 6. Bowel dismicrobism. 7. Short bowel syndrome. Symptoms: The symptoms of kidney stones can be highly variable. The pain can get when calculating moves in the urinary tract, blocking the flow of urine. Sometimes the painful cramp may end up affecting your back and hips, extending to the groin area. If the calculation fails to pass easily, the ureter muscles contract to push the bladder. The pain is more intense and can be blood in the urine. The subject can have the feeling of needing to urinate more frequently and may feel burning when urinating. Other symptoms may include fever, chills, nausea and vomiting. Diagnosis: The diagnostic techniques used to make the diagnosis are: 1. The ultrasound can identify possible dilations of the kidney and urinary tract or the presence itself of the calculations in the renal cavity. 2. The x-ray, which is not effective in the case of calculations of uric acid or cystine (transparent to X-rays) or the proximity of the calculation with the skeletal system. 3. The urography (or pyelogram), more sophisticated examination which employs a contrast medium to precisely locate the position and the nature of the

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