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The greatest American women’s soccer player known to many is Mia Hamm. Many young girls who follow through with soccer will tell you all they know about Mia Hamm. She’s one of the biggest role models for young players. Growing up many girls looked up to Mia Hamm because that’s the only player they ever heard about. Mia Hamm is just like everyone else though. She was the youngest player for the U.S national team. She then went to college after being named to the National team. She attended UNC to play soccer, which most girls’ dreams to be able to play and watch a game there. Mia Hamm ended her career with retirement to start a family. Her whole life of being famous on the field continued off the field. She is constantly encouraging young soccer players to set goals and to…show more content…
She holds individual and team camps all around the United States. In Fresno, California Mia met a young girl that attend one of her many camps. “A girl showed me a school report she did on me, and she took a lot of time on it, and effort and took a lot of pride in it,” said Mia Hamm. She also speaks about how the girls have shown her passion that makes her enjoy holding theses camps. (Battler) Not only is she making an impact on such players’ she’s also helping such players achieve more than they could imagine. She helps them set up goals at these camps and sometimes the girls will get lucky enough to meet the star again. “I am at once encouraged by the growth of opportunities for girls in recent years and eager to ensure that progress continue by working towards developing programs and initiatives for young women across the athletics spectrum.” (Hamm) She is doing more than just retiring from one successful career. She continues to work within the soccer world to help the young athletes achieve as well. She puts a lot of effort into helping the programs and young girls continue to succeed by continuing to work with the soccer

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