The Importance Of Fast Food Diet

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In America today it is hard to tell if what one is consuming is a good choice. With each new day/week/month that comes by, so does a super cool fad "diet" or some celebrity finally lets out their "secret diet". Some people will jump straight into some crazy new diet without even looking into it first. With the help of the Elements of Nutrition course, I have been able to carefully study my eating habits, and monitor if I am getting everything that I need at the right amounts. What I found was not as shocking as I thought, but that is only because I know that my eating habits are not the healthiest they could be. I have a high sodium diet that if not modified soon, I could be at serious risk for cardiovascular diseases. Since most people would…show more content…
Especially when one is trying to balance going to school, work, having a social life, and being with family. Fast foods are one the main things that I consume on a regular basis that needs changing. All of the fast foods runs that I do need to stop immediately. On top of the fast foods that need to be changed, my consumption of processed foods needs to be halted as well. Considering that both fast foods and processed foods contribute to my high sodium diet, I need to get into the habit of choosing healthier alternatives, even though it is not easy. I will change out the fast foods for the fruits or vegetables, and consider how much I am consuming in one period. Friends, family, and significant others have a huge social pull on what we eat. It is like building a house, if the structure/support system fails, so does everything else. I need to start my journey to healthier me with the people I surround myself with. Getting the support I need, I think, will be one of the major strategies I need to help me through eating healthier. Another way to help myself stay on the healthy path would be for me to make my own meals and snacks ahead of time. If they are already made, I will not have to go out and eat the first thing I see. I can achieve my long term goals of becoming a healthier me through those easy strategies. The goal that I have set up for myself sounds, to me at least, like a very easy one to achieve. I am going to stop eating fast foods and processed foods, along with doing a meal/snack prep at the beginning of every week, and choosing the low-sodium option if there is one all over the course of three to four months. By the end of the three to four months I want to feel healthier, and I expect to lose 5-15

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