The Importance Of Decision Making

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Decision making is a resulting selection of a belief or a course of action among several possibilities. It is a process of a logical choice from the available option. We decide every day in our lives. Every decision-making produces a final choice. We used to decide to have a better outcome of the things we do. For example, the food we eat the clothes we wear and the problems that we decide on how we give solutions on it. This will help us to practice our social and mental skills. Before we go to school, we used to decide of what we are going to do first. But this essay will explain us on how to be independent and what could be the possible consequences of decisions we are taking. What could be the effect of having own decision…show more content…
Therefore, they use to make decisions for the teens to have better choices. It’s fine for me if parents’ wants to even guide their teens till they become 18, but let them have some exemption. But in this case this might affect the ability of a teen to decide on his/ her own because they will not be able to make decisions correctly. Parents always say that they know the best for their kids because they don’t want their kids to be hurt. They might become irresponsible because they don’t already experience and realize the difference of good from bad. Even though, teenagers are still minors; they want to discover things out of the box. So it doesn’t mean that once you let their teens decide are they will choose the wrong decision. It’s been feeling into that we are not letting by our parent to make decisions and it doesn’t mean that we are moving to differentiate ourselves in our parents but rather to determine better and to receive knowledge in things we don’t know. For me, teenagers should be allowed to make decisions for them to access their minds in the real fields of life, and be better aware of their skills, interests, and limitations as well as their strengths and
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