Importance Of Internet Censorship In North Korea

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Internet Censorship in North Korea A lot of countries are censoring a great deal of information and media from their inhabitants, especially North Korea. In the notoriously isolated country North Korea, millions of citizens live by everyday without knowing that they are not getting full access to the internet community. The government's censorship puts a limit on what can be said and viewed on the internet. The people of North Korea are continually being fed information but the problem with that information is that it’s following the government's propaganda. The sites that the civilians can actually access are extremely few, only 28 sites. These 28 sites contain a mix of propaganda, news and education. What makes the internet censorship in…show more content…
The country wanted to avoid residents criticizing the country's leader and government by censoring their country’s internet. Leaders of the country assume that people who don’t learn other ways of living their lives won’t be complaining about it and wanting to change it. This is because if they enter the “normal” internet they will detect all the problems with the country such as the laws and media (Radio Free Asia) (Sparkes) (The Guardian). When citizens are asking for the reason behind them not having access to the internet, they get a very poor and odd answer. That the government doesn’t want them to learn things that would make their view on the West change in any way. So by not giving the people the opportunity to view the internet they can protect the name of the West (Wait But Why). North Korea basically only wants to feed the citizens the government's propaganda and nothing else. Every information getting out to the people needs to be following their ideology. They have internet censored in North Korea solely to avoid people learning anything different from their countries worldview, laws and culture…show more content…
By having it, they suppress the people's human rights as they aren’t allowed to express their opinions about certain matters and a large amount of information’s are being hidden from them. The country hinders their society to develop by censoring their internet. This is because the internet is an enormous part of the citizen’s everyday life and is the source of all their current knowledge. If the residents don’t obtain access to all the information available on the internet or if the information they are getting is being altered, the society will either way be left uneducated (World Wide Women) (Democracy Now!) (Laurenson). This is bad as it will have some serious negative effects on North Korea's economy, the civilian health, living conditions, crime development, poverty and unemployment (Reference). When the information being given to the society is being controlled and following their government's propaganda, the citizens won’t be able to get a clear view of the outside world and therefore not be able to accept or understand them (World Wide Women). This will cause North Korea to get into trouble with other neighboring countries which will have an unfavorable influence on them(The Good and Bad of Conflict). Internet censorship is unacceptable, it doesn’t allow people to have freedom of speech or expression. It’s also bad because it makes people's jobs harder, has a negative

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