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The core of the healing power of Therapy, lies in establishing, a healthy Therapeutic Alliance Joanne Byrne Student Id: 17659 BSc (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy - Year 1 Module 1401 - Humanistic & Existential Approaches Tutors - Jean Notaro & Colm Early May 2015 Word count ….. Contents List Introduction The Therapeutic Alliance Establishing the Alliance Humanistic & Existential Psychotherapy Conclusion Bibliography Introduction A healthy Therapeutic Alliance is the topic of this essay. I will outline of the importance of a healthy therapeutic alliance. I will demonstrate the significance of Rogers Core Conditions within the alliance, and why they are essential for therapeutic…show more content…
What is a Therapeutic Alliance? A therapeutic alliance is a term used to describe a collaboration, or partnership between a therapist and client. A strong therapeutic alliance is evident when the client feels accepted and valued. A therapist should provide a comfortable, non-judgmental environment, where a client can disclose, feel safe with a sense of trust in the therapeutic process. A Therapist will be genuine and authentic with a client. Establishing the alliance will encourage the client to accomplish their goals, develop and grow. Rogers believed the core conditions were sufficient for therapeutic change. (2004, p20-21) We often have to hear what we’re saying to know what we are thinking. Your job is to be that person who listens, so your clients can learn to listen to…show more content…
It is founded upon the belief that it is a striving to find meaning or purpose in ones life, its the most powerful motivating and the driving force in humans. Logo therapy tries to make the client aware of their responsibleness. A feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness is called “the existential vacuum”, in logo therapy. (2004, p.115) According to logo therapy, we can discover this meaning in life in three different ways: by creating a work or doing a deed; by experiencing something or encountering someone; and by the attitude we take toward unavoidable suffering. What is Focusing? In 1953 after 15 years of research, Focusing was developed by Eugene Gendlin, It is a process and learnable skill. It deals with the ‘felt sense’, an experience that is not yet in words. Gendlin found that the patient intuitively focuses inside, it’s a bodily awareness or ‘felt sense’, that contains information which if attended to holds the key to resolution of problems they

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