The Importance Of Conflict In Communication

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Have you ever gotten in trouble for doing absolutely nothing wrong? Well, I have. If you feel the same way, you should read my paper, because I live this situation. Today I am going to talk about a conflict that I had with a previous teacher of mine back in my junior year of high school. First I will tell you about the conflict, its ethical implications and communication principles. Then I will tell you about the recommendations and what could have happen to improve the relationship between my teacher and I. Case Background Going into my junior year of high school, I had decided to get out of my comfort zone, so for one of my electives, I had chosen theatre class. Coming into theater class on the first day of school, the atmosphere seemed really nice. None of the students knew who the…show more content…
Respect means to actively listen and show regards to the ideas of others before evaluating and responding to their messages. (UALR Survival Guide, 2017) An example of respect is someone is sharing their viewpoints or opinions on a certain topic and the others show respect by listening and evaluating their message. Two concepts that relate to my conflict is pseudolistening and selective listening. One of the concepts is pseudolistening, which is an imitation of real things. (Alder, Rodman, and du Pre, 2017). A relevant example of pseudolistening is someone pretending to pay attention in a lecture when the teacher or professor is looking at them, by giving them nonverbal cues; like nodding your head or making eye contact. Another concept that relates to my conflict is selective listening, it is responding to only the parts of a speaker’s remarks that interest them. (Alder, Rodman, and du Pre. 2017.) An example of selective listening can be a friend of mine starting a conversation about different genres of music and he or she happens to mention a genre that interests me so I suddenly become intrigued by the
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