The Importance Of Confidentiality In Counseling

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What I would reply to my client when they ask about confidentiality of their counseling sessions is that I cannot provide them any form of legal confidentiality because I am just a student who is a beginning professional. So, that is why I do not have it. However, I will explain to them that it is a needed and my responsibility to keep to myself of what I have been heard during those sessions. “Confidentiality is a professional’s promise or contract to respect clients’ privacy by not disclosing anything revealed during counseling, except under agreed upon conditions” is the meaning of confidentiality stated in a 2002 article in the Journal of Professional School Counseling. Then, in order to earn the trust of clients about my credibility of work as a counselor, I will provide them an informed consent form for them to sign that shows they agree with…show more content…
It can also give negative impact to my client which will give harm to them and high risk of exploitation. So, from all above aspects and my understanding about dual relationship, how would I respond to my good friend is I will advice to him to find another counselor in order to avoid any misunderstanding and conflict of interest. I will also explain to him that it is not I do not want to help him, but this decision is for his goodness and best result of counseling session. However, of course I will not totally ignore and let him feel helpless which can make him stressed out. So, I will offer my help to find the best counselor to solve my good friend’s dilemma and perhaps two cents of advices and opinion about the misery occurred as it is my responsibility as a friend. Hence, it is clear that my answer to this question is that I disagree to help my best friend as a counselor but I will help him only as a friend as much as I

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