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Structural Dimension: • Formalization- Bureaucratic it means that the hotel’s work closely follows the rules and a procedure with little flexibility the job description is closely defined. • Departmentalization This says that the organization follows the system of divide and rule. As it says that the hotel structure is divided into several departments such as:  Finance  Purchase and Receiving  House Keeping  Front Desk  Front Desk back office  Sales and Marketing  Engineering  Kitchen and Cutlery  Events and Banquet  Food and Beverages Marriott Vision and Mission Statement: Vision Statement: “To become the premiere provider and facilitator of leisure and vacation experiences in the world” Mission Statement:…show more content…
Special packages offered:- • Senior travelling Packages • Government and Military Packages • Last Minute Weekend Package, Design your own trip, escape packages • AAA packages in this the AAA members enjoy the best available discount on hotel rooms along with special offers from Marriott just for our AAA Patrons. Stakeholders: • Independent Owners • Workforce and Vendors • Customers and Communities • Franchisees Core Values of Marriott: Marriott follows Michael Porters Growth Strategy: Social Responsibility: Marriott International’s another vital goal to possess a roaring responsibility to their surroundings. For instances all food and hamburgers are employed in pens. Particularly in Marriott Asia all surplus food from room is employed in pens with collaboration among Atasehir hall and Marriott Asia. CHAPTER: 3 DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION Methods of Data Collection: In the report both primary sources of data collection and secondary source of data collection are used for the information. • Primary Source of…show more content…
One person from the finance department was given a duty of collecting the credit card folios and bill to companies(BTC) from the front desk. The person who was responsible to bring the documents from the front desk also at the same time has to report to the kitchen for the Kava café(restaurant in hotel) checks for the previous day and when the those checks and documents to the finance department the person has to sign on the sheet on the window of the office. The other person in the office has to take out the reports from the software Shawman and the checks are then selected with a white copy which is complimentary and then their details are entered in the system in management report folder. Credit Card Folios: These are the folios which are signed by the guest and the credit card sale copy is attached to the folios. They are to be matched by the report i.e. E170 Credit Card

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