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3. We have chosen for this assignment Naranj Restaurant which is one of the most distinguished restaurants in Jeddah. All those who like the eastern Syrian style, it would draw their attention the moment they see its façade decoration. The design looks quite flexible allowing for two accesses to the interior space. The main door is a very wide wood and glass door divided into two parts, one with steps for walking people and other with a ramp for strollers and people with special needs. The restaurant attracts visitors of all generations from adults to children. It is observed that most of its diners are females, and a mix of Saudi and Syrian. There was a variety of people’s body sizes vary from small to x large. As for circulation, the restaurant is very crowded that there is proximately one-meter space between tables which impend freedom of movement. Naranj Restaurant has three zones; public, semipublic and semiprivate. A star-shaped engraved marble fountain in the center of the restaurant is used as an emphasis point to give the impact of Syrian style. The fountain’s sound…show more content…
The restaurant’s furniture was designed to suit all body sizes that you can find different forms of chairs to make diners feel comfortable. According to my anthropometric measurements and Ghazal’s; which are approximately identical, the notices were the same. We both found that the height of the chairs was very convenient; therefore, one could spend plenty of hours enjoying the place. Considering that we have the same arm length, we felt relieved because of table’s size that we could easily reach all the plates on it. It is neither too small nor too big. Nevertheless, the number of tables was more than it should be which made the restaurant crowded. Tables were so closed to each other and that makes me feel anxious because my manly bubble is wide. While as, Ghazal’s personal bubble is narrow; therefore, she did not mind people sitting near her.

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