The Importance Of Beliefs In America

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America was built on the beliefs of those before us. Freedom, faith, right to bear arms and equality are just a few of these. These beliefs are what built our country. They were placed before us by many men in the Declaration of Independence. In order for our country to keep these beliefs, we need people who know these beliefs and act on them. America is a strong country which means we play a big role in this world. America is a country that others used to look up to but today we are starting to stray away from our original beliefs. This past summer, I became queen of my horse club. Being queen, I was chosen to carry the flag during the opening of the show. I felt a sense of pride for my country as I grabbed the flag and entered…show more content…
They know the consequences but do not care. That has caused a lot of debate about how much other lives matter. Some people believe only white peoples lives matter and make it very obvious they don't care about black lives. Culture, arts, laws, religion, and other people all agree that all lives matter. This isn't about white people because white people aren't being targeted. Many people are saying black lives matter because black lives are the ones at stake. In reality, this is tearing us all apart from each other. All lives matter and this is putting many lives at stake because of a few disagreements. America's economy is strong but there are several problems with America's economy today. Some of these problems are oil prices have plunged, importing more than we export, companies are being pressured to pay the U.S. workforce a higher wage, and growing companies are not able to hire skilled workers fast enough. High unemployment keeps wages down so everyone who wants to work should be able to find a job. America's economy isn't growing fast enough. We need to have a stable economy in order to keep our strong reputation in the
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