Is America A Christian Nation Essay

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Is America a Christian Nation? Many people, both in the United States and around the world, like to argue that the United States is a “Christian” nation. Although around seventy percent of American citizens consider themselves Christian, according to the Pew Research Center, claiming that the United States is a Christian nation has many far-reaching implications. While many Americans like to make the claim that America is a Christian nation because the majority of Americans practice some form of Christianity, doing this takes away from the religious diversity that is so apparent in the United States. America is not a Christian nation because not only does making this claim take away from the religious diversity that is present in the United States, but it also breaks the Establishment Clause. When drafting the Constitution, the framers struggled with how to include religion. Many of the early settlers in America fled England to escape the power of the Bishops, who had vast political and spiritual power.…show more content…
Several people, especially Christians, believe that religion goes hand in hand with morals. So, they believe that by considering America to be a secular nation, America is losing its morals. This is wholly untrue, however. One does not have to be religious in order to be a moral person. While many religions stress high morals and values, including Christianity, one does not have to be religious to also be a highly moral person. There are many individuals who do not practice religion and are also highly moral. On the flip side, there are also individuals who consider themselves to be Christians that are also not very moral. Morals come from within and from personal beliefs, not from a believing in a particular religion. Religion does not automatically make one a moral

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