How Did Religion Affect English Colonization

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Religion had a bigger influence on English colonization in North America than economic and in that way America came closer to a nation. British colonies wanted the Indians to change into Protestant Christianity which was a worry for the Church. When the colonies became stronger, more people in Britain began to move to America. The survival factors of American was the Great Awakening Religion was really important to English colonies. That is why different groups, the Puritans and colonists in New England, wanted freedom and independence and economic factors made them rely on England. To them, America was a place where they can practice religion freely, so people with the same religion formed colonies and wanted people who lived in England to…show more content…
The Puritans had a religious leader, John Winthrop who became governor and their political leader as well. As a result, in the colony, religion and politics were the same. Laws came from religious ways and beliefs. An example is when Anne Hutchinson was against some beliefs of the Puritans, saying that God had a personal relationship with people who were not in politics or church, and that God’s favor and love were stronger than laws, they kicked her out of the colony. Her followers were “those against the law” – Antinomians. To repeat, the state did not allow her beliefs, because it was the same as the Puritan church. This relationship between the church and religion was becoming a bigger and bigger problem and because of that, Roger Williams wanted to separate the church and the state. Roger Williams established Rhode Island colony, and it was the first one to separate the state and the Church. Because of this separation of religion and politics, people were now able to practice, in any colony, their beliefs, which, as a result was used in the Constitution of the United States of America. So this union between the church and government shows the strong influence of religion on the development of

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