The Deadly Word: Divorce

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The Deadly word: “Divorce” Divorce. The word that seems to have become a part of our everyday language, something that our generation views as common and a part of our lives. According to some sources the average divorce rate in 2015 is 40-50%. Regardless of the the numbers, divorce rate is high and we’re all impacted in one way or another. I’ve personally been affected by divorce. My parents recently got a divorce, which was no surprise to me or my younger sister. My parents had never gotten along and never seemed very happy with their relationship. But, with a new house and lots of changes, my sister continues to struggle with the toggling of Mom and Dad. For a close friend of mine, her divorce encounters were much more treacherous, involving…show more content…
Because her parents divorce was based off of an affair, her dad remarried not too long after her parents had divorced. This was exceedingly difficult, considering that she was still dealing with all the emotions from splitting up their belongings and not seeing her dad as much, she was thoroughly confused. She then started to blame her step-mom for the ending of what seemed to be her parent’s happy marriage, and then eventually she started to blame her Father. In the book The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce: A 25 Year Landmark Study, the authors (Wallerstein, Judith S., Julia Lewis, and Sandra Blakeslee) discuss in chapter 18 “The Stepfamily”. She talks about how the step-father can start to replace the father the child was missing. Stating that “children and adolescents who have rejected their biological father, seeing him as a failure or morally flawed or lacking in interest, often turn eagerly to their stepfather as a person they can admire and emulate.” (245) My friend doesn’t have a step-father, but her mother has had a long time fiancé whom she get’s a long with quite well. The relationship between my friend and her mom’s fiancé is fun and caring, they joke around with each other, and laugh together, unlike her relationship with her father which is more or less tense. She doesn’t see her father often, he recently moved farther away from her mom’s house, and doesn’t like to take people there because of the ominous atmosphere, added by her step-mother and three step-sisters. This is another difficulty she deals with on a weekly basis, trying to find the balance with her father, but also trying to maintain a normal relationship with her eventual

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