Gail Collins: The Importance Of Political Writings

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Although Gail Collins is an informative and interesting writer, her articles too often employ a tone that belittles the topics she covers. After following a political columnist, I have learned the importance of being educated on current events, but I have also seen the problems that can come with seeking information simply to strengthen your existing beliefs. For these reasons, I believe that this project is valuable, but could lend more influence if the students read columnists with different views than their own, or columnists from other countries. Throughout her articles, Gail Collins relies on extensive factual evidence to ensure that the reader remains informed and knowledgeable on current events, and she relies on sarcasm to retain the reader's interest. However, in many of her…show more content…
Additionally, Collins ensures that the information does not become too overwhelming by using sarcasm to present her points. By looking at an issue sarcastically, Collins piques the reader's interest. The reader is able to learn about a current event or existing problem without merely sifting through an endless stream of information. Collins creates a humorous way of looking at a topic that at best is simply boring, but at worst may be depressing and scary. When used properly, this humor is an effective tactic to draw in the reader and lighten the topic. However, Collins occasionally takes this humor too far, creating a tone that is dismissive of the topic at hand and therefore, makes the article seem unimportant. For example, Collins' use of humor when addressing Trump is often needed and very effective in keeping the reader interested while minimizing ill feelings. However, Collins' decision to use extensive sarcasm when discussing gun laws and tragic events is

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