Causes Of Divorce In Malaysia

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(Introduction) Divorce or the dissolution of marriage is the termination of a marital union thus dissolving the bonds of matrimony between a married couple under the rule of law of the particular country or state. Why do people get divorced? There are many reasons why people choose to divorce each other for example, couples who get married at a very young age, they have entered into an abusive marriage, lack of education, financial problems, extra marital affairs and many more. (causes & effect) We find that some countries have higher rate of divorce as compared to others due to many reasons as well. One of the country which has the highest rate of divorce is United State of America. This could be due to many reasons like the culture…show more content…
One way to do this would be to promote romantic getaways for married couples at special rates to encourage couples to spend more time with each other to try and rejuvenate their relationship. Apart from that I think married couples who are facing problems in their relationship should take the initiative to seek help by consulting marriage councillors to try and work through their problems as I think that marriage should last a life time as the vows go “till death do us part”. (National View) In my country, Malaysia, the divorce rate is rising due to women being more independent and capable of taking care of themselves and also their kids after a divorce. There are also many options out there where divorce women can turn to, to seek help like for example there are many day care centres where working single mothers can put their kids. There is also the options of hiring maids from other countries to take care of the household and the kids while the single mothers continue to work and provide for the family. Another reason why the divorce rate here is rising could also be due to women in Malaysia nowadays place much importance to their career and their quality of life. Due to this, many women spend a lot of time at work rather than with their husbands causing their marriage to…show more content…
Therefore, I think these countries should seriously look into finding effective solutions to overcome this problem. Like we mentioned earlier, maybe they should have more marriage councillors and psychiatrist who are available and more affordable for example in their government hospitals to help council troubled couples. The government can also come up with different amount of monetary incentives for couples who stay married for a certain amount of years. Although this is a long shot and may be a bit difficult to implement but it should be considered. (Conclusion) Divorce is a social problem that needs to be addressed and tackled by each country in their respective ways. If more emphasis is put into improving the divorce rate, there might be less social problems to deal with and the government can focus their attention on other more pressing matters. Couples need to do their part as well to try and make their marriage work if not for the image of the country, for their own good, their family and their children's

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