Icelandic Vikings: Exploration And Influence On Travel Around Western Europe

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The Icelandic Vikings were a group of traders and raiders that traveled around western Europe, in search of wealth and fertile land to settle from 790 AD to 1066 AD. During the Vikings’ era, they conquered many forts, plundered towns, and created trade routes still used today. Although most Vikings were peaceful traders, they were perceived as ruthless barbarians who would loot any defenseless town. For example, they sacked a monastery outside Britain burning it to the ground leaving nothing but ashes. Despite their reputation, Vikings were avid traders, explorers, and farmers. The Viking invasions were significant for their technological developments, effect on exploration and influence on trade. Vikings were known for the construction and sailing of the longship, a vessel that could reach a…show more content…
The boats were also unique because they had less drag allowing them to venture into the shallower water. This allowed the ships to land on shore without the need to stop and take a smaller boat as shore transport. The low level of drag decreased the time it took for the Vikings to transfer in and out of the boats, making the raiding process much more efficient. The boats were also more stable than other vessels because they were the first ships to have a keel. A keel was like the keystone of a ship. Not only did it hold the boat together by forcing the pressure inside the ship, but it also allowed the ships to be more stable in choppy water, making them less vulnerable to capsizing. The keel was also a base for the mast. The mast held the sail so the boat didn't need to be powered by oarsmen. The biggest impact that the keel had was that the boats no longer had to sail near the shore. They were able to sail in open ocean allowing the Vikings to travel greater distances and access previously unreachable villages. With boats so technologically advanced, the Vikings were the first to reach North America, although they believed it was Greenland. You might say

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