Disadvantages Of Free Trade

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Free Trade is a system that uses the productivity levels of specific products from specific countries to determine the best trade possibilities to create a positive gain in one’s economy. This means that if country one is more productive at farming, and country two is better at creating machinery, then they can trade. Without trading, the amount of products that are created by only country one or only country two are, usually, significantly lower. This means that, due to specialization (focusing on creating only one product), countries one and two can create more overall product, and trade that product between themselves. The reason that we need more and more products is due to people’s unlimited wants and needs. Once a person’s primary wants/needs are met, they will find secondary wants/needs and so on. Although, Free Trade can be a dangerous game to play. If country one, who is producing farm produce, goes through a draught or natural disaster, than their crops may die.…show more content…
They are a group of people from Laos in Southeast Asia who used to be in poverty. Within these impoverished states/countries, people normally can’t find a way to get out of it. That’s where free trade comes in. When Laotian began trading coffee and providing electricity for many of the surrounding areas and countries, their economy began to improve. The business of selling these products increased job opportunities and helped people find a purpose in their lives. The Laotian people began innovating their towns and built more roads to reach people from other towns. Suddenly, opportunities to use each others facilities and have information shared between towns and countries became reality. The people began sending their children to school, which stopped the cycle of their being no education. Free trade has helped this poor, developing country immensely and gave them many new

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