The Impact Of Hip Hop On Black Popular Culture

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Introduction The evolution of hip hop as a cultural phenomenon has affected majority of the youths’ culture across the globe (Alridge & Stewart, 2005). Hip Hop functions as a form of expression and a substitute to urban issues confronting people’s lives including racial discrimination, poverty, and underemployment. Rap music, along with language, dance styles, and fashion, has been the different forms of expression incorporated in hip hop. For a lot of African Americans, hip hop is their cultural identity. At present, the impact of hip hop on pop culture is apparent. From an urban culture, hip hop has now grown internationally transcending ethnic and racial lines. This paper discusses the impacts of hip hop on the Black popular culture. In…show more content…
Hip hop was initially developed as a party music (Kaufmann, 2014). At a Halloween event, Herc employed an innovative method to extend the drum break of a song by using the break portion of two records (Blanchard, 1999). The extended break led to the birth of breakdancing. Kitwana (2004) states that hip hop is demarcated by commercial manifestations – the glamour, the platinum sales, the bling-bling glitz, and the overnight millionaire shakers and movers. But for many hip hop enthusiasts, the culture comprises of only four essential components - break dancing, disc jockeying, rapping, and graffiti art (Alridge & Stewart,…show more content…
But what remained unknown to many was the increasing political activism among hip hop youths in the United States (Alridge & Stewart, 2005). On university and college campuses, students were among the reasons for the increasing number of hip hop clubs. These clubs use hip hop’s influence to organize the youths politically. They call for courses related to hip hop culture and conferences. Activist organizations such as the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights based in San Francisco, the Inner City Games based in Philadelphia, and the LISTEN Inc. based in DC, are collaborating with hip hop youths to disseminate the message and involve their peers in various social issues that affect people’s lives (Alridge & Stewart, 2005). The Chicago Alliance for Neighborhood Safety which involves young activists were raising awareness concerning the unfairness of Anti-Gang Loitering Ordinance leading to 45,000 arrests prior to unconstitutional ruling by the Supreme Court (Alridge & Stewart,

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