Michael Jackson Impact On African American Music

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African-American music is an umbrella term covering a diverse range of music and musical genres largely developed by African Americans that set a stage for a variety of artist. Blues, pop, ragtime, jazz, boogie woogie, rhythm and blues, doo-wop, rock and roll, soul, funk, disco, and hip-hop constitute the principal modern genres of music today. All elements and genres of music help create a performer's style and musical characteristics by allowing them to develop and mix all types of music together, seeing what works and what doesn't work. History and culture helps impact the music that we listen to today because music is an expressive language of culture. It tells a story, expresses ideas, and offers opinions and share emotions of life's…show more content…
Mainly being the “King of Pop”, Michael was also considered king of rock, soul, and some even say hip-hop. But he didn't develop his honorable music style and moves all by himself. He was influenced by amazing artist such as Little Richard, James Brown, and Diana Ross. Jackson has said that seeing James Brown's unforgettable moves and dancing made him decide what he wanted to be. Michael fell in love with Diana Ross’ vocal technique, and worked hard to achieve one just as great as hers. Little Richard’s eclectic genre styles of rhythm and blues, rock and roll, gospel music, and soul music all play a major part in the developing Jackson’s genres and musical characteristics. Also his fantastic outfits influenced Michael to be flashy. Ross, Brown, and Richard all had to do with the coming together of Michael Jackson’s memorable style of performance and music, which then influenced many of today's artist, like Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé. Justin Timberlake himself said that growing up with Jackson being such a huge figure had a major influence on him. Justin today is known for his catchy songs in pop music, rhythm and blues, and hip-hop. Timberlake also credits and associates a few of his dance moves to Michael…show more content…
There were many artist before him though that influenced him to becoming the breakthrough rock and roll artist of his time. Elvis had a genre mix of many including rock and roll, rockabilly, country, blues, gospel, soul, and rhythm and blues. He is credited with the title “Father of Rock and Roll”. His music style comes from the influence of black blues performers such as “Big Boy” Crudup and “Big Mama” Thorton, and white country singers like Ernest Tubb and Bill Monroe. Crudup and Thorton were mostly a range of blues, delta blues, Texas blues, and rhythm and blues. However, Crudup was one of the first in the “rock and roll” genre. Tubb and Monroe produced country, honky-tonk, bluegrass, and gospel music. This led Elvis to his varied genre library, which happened to lead him to becoming a heartthrob across the globe. Elvis himself paved the way for huge boy band soon after him, known as The Beatles. The Beatles came from England to the USA, and started what is known as the great “British Invasion”. Known for their very catchy rock and pop music, they were another group/artist parents allowed their kids to listen to, that are still relevant today. Overall the roots of music impacted the lives of many of today’s artist and their music because it not only made a path for them, but it also created their own identity. Music is a tremendously powerful channel through which people

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