The Human Environmental Law

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Human is a social creature, his life can take place either with the help of natural surroundings. Human is one of the elements in the environment, but his behavior strongly influenced the continuity of human wellbeing and Elf life as well as other living beings. One of the tools to control and control of human behavior is the creation of a law. Laws that control human behavior to the environment so as not to damage, contamination or deplete the environment referred to the law of the environment. The term environmental law is relatively new in the world of legal science, it grew along with the human consciousness that protects and preserve places of his life. Although already applied in other countries and has been discussed at an International…show more content…
Humans originally lived in an environment that is natural, not much to remodel the surrounding nature. Many modern humans then overhaul the nature or the surrounding environment so that there were not a natural or artificial environment. The more human environment or ecological system overhaul, the rising environmental issues, namely the decrease in quality of environment if not do prevention and maintenance of environment as early as possible. Ecology is divided into 2: (1) human ecology, namely searching about the adaptation of living creatures with the environment, human life turnaround; (2) social ecology, including ecology and ecological sociological-anthropological. Both of them are studying the relationship between the inhabitants of the natural environment, technology, and society. Thus, protection of the human environment conservation of globally became the main goal of the International Conference on the human environment in Stockholm in 1972 and conferences afterward. Indonesia a Jolt after the Conference, thus creating State Minister for planning and environment, which is then followed by the appearance of the law on provisions of the Principal Environmental management in…show more content…
Developed countries because it is avail in the developed world, and the developing countries because of poverty. Sebagaiman that have been expressed by the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi "by reason of planting more groceries and gain more pleasure, we have cutting down the forest, polluting rivers and the sea, cooled the Earth by the accumulation of carbon dioxide, even leaked the ozone layer that protects the Earth from radiation damage". Therefore, the impact of ecological degradation in the developing countries more fundamental than developed countries. One of the developing countries is Indonesia. Indonesia is a country that has abundant natural resources, one of which, especially the Kab. Gunungkidul. The center of his reign was in Wonosari. The area has a diverse economy potential of agricultural, fisheries and livestock, forest, flora and fauna, industry, mines and tourism potential. The area is rich in objects and attractions like nature tours, and shore excursions. It is these potential researcher make this area as an object of research. The natural beauty that exists in Gunungkidul should in the keep and preserved so that the resistance of the Earth is not on the

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