The Holocaust: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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The Holocaust was a time of pain and sorrow that millions of people suffered through. Anne Frank and her family were only a few members of the Jewish community that spent years in fear that they would be taken away from everything and everyone that they loved. The Frank family consisted of Anne, her sister, Margot, her mother, Edith, and her father, Otto. The Frank family lived in Amsterdam before they went into hiding at the Opekta annex after Margot received a letter from a concentration camp in early July of 1942. The letter said that there was a date she would need to report to that concentration camp.They hid in an attic behind the workplace of Otto Frank in Amsterdam Hitler's gestapo for about three years, until on August 4, 1944 they were found, and they were arrested. While in hiding, Anne kept a diary that she named Kitty. For the…show more content…
Miep assisted the Frank family while they were in hiding during the second World War. She knowingly risked her life every single day to help others. Her actions show true courage and faith she had in the fact that she was doing the right thing. In the Diary, Anne says,“Miep has so much to carry she looks like a pack mule. ” (July 11, 1943) This shows that Miep did not have the easiest jobs in the world. She bought them food, clothing, necessities, toiletries, etc. She did not have to do all of these things, but she stood up for what she believed in, and volunteered out of the kindness out of her heart. While Miep was helping hide the Frank family, she would sometimes make kind gestures to make them feel more at home. Anne said in her diary, “Miep sent us a raisin bread with “Happy Pentecost” written on top.” (May 16, 1944) Miep not only gave the Franks protection, food, and clothing, but when the extra mile by trying to make them feel at home. Miep did these things out of pure selflessness, and she is a prime example of someone who is truly

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