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All cars are thought about, made and sold. Some cars do very well and stay along while and change over time and still doing well. Others do not do well and are stopped being made after a few years. This is like the Dodge Challenger when they stopped them in 1974. Thirty-four years later they started production again. In the new generation of Challengers, the 2010 Challenger is overall better than the 1972 Challenger. All cars are unique and the 1972 Dodge Challenger and the 2010 Dodge Challenger are both unique in their own ways one is the exterior. The exterior of the 72 challenger has a “sad faced” grille instead of the original grille used in 1970-71. They had front and rear headlights, two headlights on each side, now the front had pop-up…show more content…
The 72 has 14-inch wheels, other sizes are optional. They have two different colors to choose from plum crazy and hemi orange. It could also be accented with “bubble bee” stripes (Staff). On the other hand the 2010 Challenger comes standard with 17-inch wheels. The 2010 challenger has multiple colors such as Brilliant Black Pearlcoat, Deep Water Blue Pearlcoat, Inferno Red Crystal Pearlcoat, TorRed (2010 Dodge Challenger-Features and specs), and Detonator Yellow (Review of 2010 Dodge Challenger). Now on the interior of the challengers is not that much different from each other than one has an upgrade per say. The 72 has interior door locks that rest on the armrest of the door and high waist buckle seats with head restraints. The 2010 has 5 seats, air-conditioning, 8 way driver seat, adjustable steering wheel, four speakers, CD/MP3 and an audio jack (Review of 2010 Dodge Challenger). Plus it has a sizeable trunk and rear seating could fit two adults (KBB…show more content…
The 72 had a duel channel brakes, energy absorbing steering wheel column, day/night rearview mirror, seat belts (Staff). The 2010 had anti-lock disc brakes, side airbags, and stability control. The manufacturing process of the cars is very different. The 72 dodge challenger were separated and made into different lines 1 and 2. Line 1 had the R/T model, convertible, and big specially cars. Line 2 had any challenger with a small motor or no top built along with a 6 cylinder dart, 318 chargers and coronet sedans (Staff). The 2010 is made on an assembly line with over 3000 men and women, with the help of over 150 machines. Goes through a clean room that blows positive air and makes it negative to help keep the particles off the car Both of the Dodge Challengers are different from each other. The information states that the 2010 is better in safety, appearance and the engine. The engine in the 1972 may be bigger but the torque of the car takes much more effort to start rotation. Now you might say that it is unfair for this to be true because of the thirty-four years in between but you have to know that in those thirty- four years they developed new and better cars and they just took the technology form now and thought of ways to make the Dodge Challengers better from the earlier

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