The Holocaust: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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“The Holocaust was the systematic bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators” (The Holocaust Museum “Introduction...”). In 1935, Nazi’s announced laws against Jews taking away their rights; the first big discrimination against Jews. Following those laws Jews were forced out of their homes and taken to concentration camps. There were estimated to be around 20,000 different camps to imprison Jews. This motivated other Jews to go into hiding, including Anne Frank and her family. Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929, and grew up in Frankfurt. Her and her sister, Margot, attended Montessori School up until 1940 when Germans began to impose anti-Jewish laws. Otto frank, anticipated…show more content…
Anne Frank stated, “let me sleep one night at least without my pillow wet with my tears” (Frank 77). Most nights Frank cried herself to sleep because she was emotionally distraught over the arguments occurring in her apartment. Her family bickered because of the stress with not having enough food and being in hiding. In Frank's diary it states, “Daddy goes about in frayed trousers and his tie is beginning to show signs of wear too. Mommy’s corsets have split today and are too old to be repaired...” (Frank 93). Similarly Frank wrote “It is positively unbearable this heat. The butter is melting, there is not a cool spot anywhere in the house…” (Frank 265). The events of the war led the Franks to become very poor, they could not afford new clothes and electricity. This relates back to Frank's purpose because she is sharing incidents of her life that were impacted by the Nazi…show more content…
Kairos was one main strategy used for readers to gain knowledge of circumstances that occurred. The incidents that Frank wrote about still have purpose today because events similar to the holocaust still happen today, but less severe. The Syrian war that has been occurring since 2011 has caused over 220,000 deaths (The Holocaust Museum “Syria”). Syrian civilians are being attacked based on their religious and ethnic background (The Holocaust Museum “Syria”). Syrian men and women are faced everyday by the destruction of schools, houses, and stores (The Holocaust Museum “Syria”). The way the Syrians are being treated is similar to the way Anne Frank and her family were. There are many Syrian refugees trying to escape similar to Jews during the

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