Analyzing Kelly Mcgonigal's Speech

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Kelly McGonigal was the eloquent speaker that communicated a highly interesting and well-prepared speech about stress, an important and arising issue in today’s complex society. The speech was presented on September 2013 at the famous TED talks- a global set of conferences run by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation devoted to spreading ideas that cover almost all topics; from science to business to global issues (Our Organization). Her speech, entitled How to Make Stress your Friend, can be best examined and evaluated by analyzing in depth the writer, topic, purpose, and audience. The writer of the speech, Kelly McGonigal, obtained a PhD in health psychology from the Stanford University, and now she has become a leading expert in…show more content…
She opens her speech this way to interact with the audience and state a “common ground” so that the audience can relate to the topic and find interest in the presentation. As the speech progressed, the speaker made several appeals to the audience such as “Now to explain how this works, I want you all to pretend that you are participants in a study designed to stress you out. It's called the social stress test. You come into the laboratory, and you're told you have to give a five-minute impromptu speech on …” (Transcript par.11) to keep the audience involved. The audience of the speech was friendly and attentive; the speaker often received feedback from the audience in the form of positive laughter. Moreover, because stress is now very common among teens and adults, I believe the intended audience of the speaker was to those who experience any kind of stress, so the audience can be very general and it may appeal to almost everybody. Because Kelly is a health psychologist, she may be interested in sharing the speech with anybody that could take this beneficial information to improve their health and

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