Anne Frank's Passion For Writing

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Anne Frank And Her Passion For Writing A long time ago, there was a time of hatred and discrimination focused on Jews in the 1930’s. This event was known as the Holocaust. A young girl known as, Anne Frank, is known for her impact on views of the Holocaust. Anne had a diary that she wrote in, about her family’s, the Van Daans’, and Jan Dussel’s experiences while hiding in the Secret Annex to keep from being discovered and killed by the Nazis. We are going to discuss Anne’s diary, Anne’s passion for writing, the value of her diary, Anne as a writer, and why her diary is so popular. At age 13, Anne Frank received her diary for her birthday during the time of the Holocaust. Anne was too young to be experiencing such a tragic event, but she found ways to cope with it. She wrote about every event that occurred during her time in the Secret Annex with 8 other occupants. Anne was very intelligent and surely good at writing. Anne could change the emotion of any event. She could make anything really deep and heartfelt. It’s amazing how such a young girl can…show more content…
Anne’s diary was her friend in hard times, and really was the only thing that she could confide in. Anne had troubles getting along with others, but she didn’t have to worry about having that problem with her diary and that is one of the reasons of why writing made her happy. She wrote for so long that she developed a passion for writing. Her diary is very valuable because it reminds us of why we shouldn’t hate or discriminate others. It is an important reminder that we must spread kindness and be accepting of everyone because we all are equal no matter the circumstances. Anne Frank’s diary is an important lesson that is good to use to teach others about the importance of equality and why we must treat others equally. People all over the world has read her diary in many languages and it is very good that people have read it so that we remember to not let history repeat

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