Ray Bradbury's Argumentative Essay

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Ray Bradbury once said, “Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall.” (BrainyQuote) This is a very powerful quote from him. He is telling his readers to try new and exciting things even if they might be afraid too, we must all try something new in life and figure out the consequences one step at a time. Ray Bradbury was a well-known American writer, poet, journalist, and actor. Bradbury had lived a full and happy life doing what he loves most, writing. He also accomplished his goal of living forever. Since his works are published Bradbury will live forever in this world. Mr. Electrico a great magician that inspired Bradbury to fulfill one of his greatest goal. He told the young Bradbury ‘''Live forever!"’. These words…show more content…
This made it harder for him to find work and make a living ( Dandelion Wine Bantam Pathfinder page 240). He did not have an education further then high school. When he was finished with his high school education, Bradbury spent endless nights in the local library. He strongly believed educating himself for 10 years was better then any college he could of went to. There he read and wrote short stories he also read every book in the library. (Bradbury). Bradbury’s main source of income during those ten years was selling newspapers to local citizens. Throughout high school and a couple years after Bradbury’s most beloved writer was Edgar Allen Poe (RayBradbury). Poe had a great effect on Bradbury’s writing career. He would often try imitating some his work until he got older and…show more content…
However the most known book is Fahrenheit 451. After the book was published many people started noticing the great writer (Ray Bradbury) He had gained many new fans and had a great future ahead of him. Fahrenheit 451 had great impacts on readers; this is mainly why it was so popular. The fiction novel was about firemen who would burn any book they would encounter. However one fireman, Montag began doubting his actions, and started hiding a couple of books in his house. Everyone saw him as a threat for wanting to read, and didn’t realize the society they were living in was completely controlled by the government, and no ordinary citizen had the courage to stand up for what they believed in, (Fahrenheit 451). In many articles fans commented saying, “Once read, his words are never forgotten.” Bradbury had impacted people of all ages (bio.com) He published over 500

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