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Throughout the outlandish story, The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins is faced with a multitude of unimaginable challenges. Such as, fighting goblins, vanquishing Wargs, and sneaking away from Gollum. When Bilbo and Thorin and Company must venture through Mirkwood, they do not realize what troubles they soon must encounter. Gandalf had to consent Bilbo and the dwarves, so he could take care of his own matter of sorts. The mystery and misery the woods would bring the group was all to unknown. When the group arrived at the entrance to Mirkwood, they walk in a single file past the arch created by the two ivy and lichen covered trees. The path was narrow and meandered in and out of many trunks. Soon the light that was once the gate, was just a small speck…show more content…
They tried eating the black squirrels, but were dissatisfied with the flavor and did not consume them. They continued their search when all of a sudden, they unexpectedly came upon a river. This was no ordinary river, for it was black and flowed very fast. Bilbo then spotted a boat across the bank they could use to get across. Fili cast a hook out and was able to latch onto the boat. They pulled it to their side of the river and decided what the order of boarding would be. When all the dwarves were almost across, a flying deer appeared and knocked the rope, to bring it ashore, out of their hands and sent the boat rocketing down the river’s current. Bombur fell into the depths of the river and the rest of the dwarves threw him a line of rope for him to clench. When he had grasped the rope, the dwarves flung him out of the river and onto the bank. When they laid him down, he was fast asleep with a smile upon his face. They were all puzzled and dared not to move from the safety of the bank. When more deer appeared, the dwarves were already poised and let their arrows fly. “Stop! stop!” shouted Thorin (Tolkien 135); but it was too late, they had wasted all of their arrows and now rendered the bows useless. Bilbo and the dwarves journeyed further for days and

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