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Character Analysis of Beowulf Though out this essay I am going to be discussing the different behaviors, values, and actions of the characters of Beowulf. While also pointing out the Christianity and paganism that is found throughout the story. I am going to be mainly focusing on Beowulf the Geatish hero, Hrothgar king of the Danes, Grendel a decedent of Cain, Grendel’s mother who is an unnamed swamp hag who seeks vengeance for Grendel, and the ancient Dragon. These characters are filled with intriguing characteristics, some basic and complex reasons for what they do and why they do it. Hrothgar, king of the Danes is introduced as having “The fortunes of war favor..” (pg42), he was known as being a good and wise king. His’ Family consisted of his wife Wealthow, his eldest son Hrethric, and his second son Hrothmund. Hrothgar is the son of Halfdane and a decedent of Shield Sheafson a legendary Danish king who is known for heroic acts and tales. Hrothgar…show more content…
He is introduced as being “the mightiest man on Earth…” (pg.45) and something interesting is that nobody tries to stop him when he set out for Hrothgar, Beowulf was dear to them but because of omens they encouraged him to go showing that this story is Pagan and has Christian overtones. There is also a trend where he credits God for his victory but over time he becomes more egotistical about his victories and does not credit God. Beowulf himself is a very kind and forgiving man, this is shown by Unferth being rude and envious towards Beowulf (Pg. 51) and Beowulf simply correcting him and befriending Unferth throughout the story, even thanking him for his sword even though it failed (Pg. 73). Most of the story is told when Beowulf is youthful, however we see a change when he grows older. He seems less devout and sluggish and unsure about himself, it takes the burning of his own home to get him to act upon the dragon (Pg.

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