How Did Anne Tyler Affect Society

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Anne Tyler, such a simple name for such a huge addition to the literary world. The horrible tragedy of Mrs. Tyler’s untimely passing to cancer hurts not only her friends and family but everyone touched by her literary words. Although she was taken from this life too soon it would be an overstatement to say she hadn’t said enough in her writings. With 19 novels under her belt including national hits such as Dinner at a Homesick Restaurant, The Accidental Tourist, A Beginner’s Goodbye, and Breathing Lessons Tyler has created an impressive library for readers to escape into (Allardice 2). From her humble beginnings to her life in Baltimore, Tyler has influenced our society more than other writers ever wish they could have and receiving more praise that some already distinguished writers could even dream of. Now, a moment of silence before we fully…show more content…
Anne Tyler was born on October 25, 1941 in Minneapolis, Minnesota to a Quaker family (Anne Tyler 2). From the moment she was born there was always a sense of distance between her parents and her. Tyler describes her mother as “unpredictable” and even though she wasn’t abusive or harsh Tyler’s distance from her heavily affected how she saw the world around her and ultimately how she would want to write about it (Thompson 21). She ended up spending most of her younger years in North Carolina and although some may think because she didn’t go to school until she was eleven years old that means she would have been very literary held back but actually it’s what helped fuel her need to write (Daniel 8). Her prolonged exposure to merely observing people in her younger years has made her emotional connection to her

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