Northern Powerhouse Stereotypes

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Northern Powerhouse London and the South East dominates England’s economic surface. This is leaving northern England behind and they are wanting a higher developed area. London and the South East probably have plenty of job opportunities, great education systems, entertainment and much more. By having this, they are attracting in more people, they are making more money, and people’s stereotype of this area tends to be good one. Northern England is undeveloped compared to southern England and if they can change it, they will thrive. If the north can even the development between the two they can start having job opportunities, good education and much more as southern England has. If the north and south of England can become both economically powerful and equal, they will make more money for the whole country.…show more content…
Representatives who are wanting the powerhouse to happen want investments to go into the north. But since stereotype is usually place based, many southern citizens do not see the north as the people living there may see. They see it as an uninviting place and barely hear about it. They believe the Northern Powerhouse is “another gimmick” as it states and will have no chance to grow economically. Representatives are trying to reverse this stereotype by convincing others that the north has potential to grow economically and are capable of making money for themselves. This shows that the Northern powerhouse is a place in people's minds instead of physically. If the citizens and representatives can change their perspective they may have a chance. Bringing these northern economies together may be harder than they think because of the

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