Air Jordan Basketball Shoes History

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Air Jordan basketball shoes were created and invented by Nike incorporated. They are technically owned by Michael Jordan himself. Children and Adults all over the World love these shoes! They are stylish, comfortable, long lasting, and an all around trend. Most shoes before 1985 were just shoes! They sat on the shelves of retail stores and people would just walk by when they saw them. In 1985, when the Air Jordan Retro 1 bred released, they became an instant trend! they were flying off shelves and every kid wanted to have and wear them. And many kids made sure they did have them. Even if it meant stealing them, or killing others for their Jordans Even today people are willing to kill and rob for Air Jordan shoes( In 2013, Nike…show more content…
They are then sent to some type of storage unit where they are preserved until Nike is ready to release them to the public. When the time comes that they are ready to release them, they sell them to different retailers like Footlocker, Eastbay, Finishline, Champs, Kicks USA, End, and hundreds of others. The retail price for the shoes changes every year. The price usually climbs about $20 every year. For instance, The price last year for Air Jordan Retros was $170. This year it is $190. This is pretty major considering that the first Air Jordan shoe cost sixty-five dollars! One more very common question is, who makes the shoes? Air Jordans are assembled by underpaid workers in China. There are many factories with hundreds of workers in them. As it was stated earlier, the workers that assemble the shoes are very underpaid, making about four dollars an hour. There was much speculation and controversy over this matter. Michael Jordan basically got roasted over this matter. There were many debates and meetings over if they stop the production of Air Jordans entirely, or if they should just start making them here in the United States. It was

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