Analyzing The Story 'The Ignorant Boyfriend' By Sharon Flake

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The Ignorant Boyfriend In the story “so I ain’t no good girl” bye Sharon flake the narrator talks about her boyfriend. In the story Raheem is an evil character he miss treats his girlfriend and she even gives text evidence.“ I give in tells him what he wants to hear I’ll take the bus by myself I’ll do your homework wash your clothes lend you money anything.” In the story her boyfriend was using the girl for many reasons such as money, washing his clothes and acting like he loves her. At the bus stop he wanted his girlfriend to go to school by herself so he can cheat on her whit another girl that she didn’t like. After reading this story by Sharon Flake she has used realistic plot to let the reader know that Raheem is an evil character because…show more content…
He docent care about her all he cares about is what she gives him. In the story she makes a statement “I give in tells him what he wants to hear I’ll take the bus by my self I’ll do your homework ,wash your clothes ,lend you money anything, “the mest up part is that he docent appreciate her at all” all he wants to do Is use her for things he docent deserve she soul dent be mistreated. In this paragraph the setting takes place at the bus stop Raheem is whit his girlfriend until Raheem stops and stares at another girl. His girlfriend gets mad and stars to talk mess then all of the sudden Raheem slaps her in the face. She describes the girl ugly and stinky finally the buss arrives the girl that she docent like gets in first then Raheem stays so she goes in but the ugly stinky girl sneaks out of the buss to be whit Raheem then the bus driver drives off and she sees the ugly girl kiss Raheem. The final paragraph is when Raheem’s girlfriend goes to school and she acts like nothing ever happened she will still treat him the same and still give him every thing he wants and will still love him. But she doesn’t know that he really doesn’t love her he is just using her because she has things that he doesn’t

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