The Hero's Journey

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An archetype is an original model of a person, ideal example, or a prototype after which others are copied, patterned, or emulated; a symbol universally recognized by all. Joseph Campbell took Carl Jung’s ideas of collective unconscious, a sort of universal, primal memory, and applied them to world mythologies. He recognized archetypal patterns in literature. He introduced the hero’s journey, which refers to a basic pattern found in many narratives from all around the world. In the hero’s journey there are three main stages, which include the Separation/Departure from their known world, the struggle/initiation during the journey, and the return/rebirth. This has existed in books and movies since the first pieces of literature were written.…show more content…
They finally return back to Iowa, only to come to tremendous pressure from his brother in law to sell the farm. Annie’s brother Mark still cannot see all of these “ghost players” which makes him really confused because he cannot see what it is that is making Ray not sell the farm. When they were all sitting on the bleachers, Karin, Ray and Annie’s daughter, said, “People will come, they will pay to watch the baseball players.” Ray and Terrance Mann were totally on board with this idea but Mark was not. Mark straight up said, “You will be evicted” if they were to go through with Karin’s idea. Here, Mark gets into a tussle which knocks Karin off of the bleachers and knocks her unconscious. Moonlight Graham runs over from the field and crosses over a line which changed him back into Doc Graham and saves Karin from choking. Ray sees now that Doc Graham cannot cross back over and play baseball but Doc assures Ray that medicine was his calling and walks back into the cornfield. Shoeless Joe tells Doc that he was good for the limited amount of time that he actually did play. After this moment, Mark can suddenly see all of the baseball players and tells Ray he cannot sell the…show more content…
After the game of catch Ray has with his father, the view of a huge line of cars is shown coming to the baseball field. The audience can predict how the money they will get from all of those people will help the Kinsella family out of their debt and officially return to the life before the journey took place. The hero’s journey is still around in movies like Field of Dreams, and other movies because it is so common and the components of watching a protagonist, the hero, choose what they want, do what they need to do in order to pursue what they want, and see if they either obtain or fail to obtain the ultimate boon. This story line has been around since the first known piece of literature, Beowulf, and will continue to be a part of every

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