The Fall Of The House Of Usher Romanticism Analysis

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The Fall of the House of Usher has a lot of characteristics that make it into a dark and sort of twisted way of romanticism. First off the story has many dark twists, the House is described as a very dark place that is surrounded by mud and horrible trees. The setting was a place that no one wanted to be in because of how spooky it was described and impersonated by the author, these little details come back to a very gothic and spooky setting which as one characteristics that romanticism had back then. I shall tell the story and as I am going I will be saying little details on why the story is considered romanticism so without further a do: The story starts when the narrator that has no name is asked by Roderick Usher to go to his house, now, the narrator was a childhood friend of there's back then but…show more content…
Roderick felt as if is his sister was still alive and was still talking to him. One day he goes into the room of the narrator and tells him they have buried her alive and that she is speaking to him but of course the narrator would just think that he is losing his mind. As they speak the door suddenly opens and yes Madeline is there and so Roderick so surprised at seeing her he dies of scared. This part of the story clearly exaggerates but it was a part of his dark romanticism because he was able to give the readers that spooky and shocking twist at the story which yes, was a part of romanticism. Roderick is spooked and dies and the narrator runs for his life as the house begins to collapse. When he reaches the outside of the house it suddenly crumbles down to the floor. That is where the story ends and yes the last part was exaggerating too because how could it be that at that precise moment the house decided to collapse after Roderick has died. The Fall of the House of Usher is an amazing part of romantic sims once you look deeper into the story and find its

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