Persuasive Essay On The Homeless

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What would you do if you were homeless and living on the streets of Detroit? This is a question that most people would avoid to think about or not think about at all. Being homeless is something that most people do not want to experience simply because it is undesirable. Being homeless essentially means lacking one of the most important necessities a person needs, a safe shelter. There is a constant struggle for the homeless to live off of what can be found, gathered, and given. Homeless individuals are on the streets because they cannot find anywhere to go or stay financially stable, it is one of the hardest positions to get out of because of the lack of money and other necessities. Homelessness is like a symptom of our society because people do not do enough to help our own citizens. Those who have high positions worry more about their own money than the homeless. Homelessness is not only a problem in Detroit, but is happening across the whole world. According to Worldometers there is approximately 7.6 billion people living in the world, while there about 150 million homeless in the world and 1.6 billion people are with inadequate housing. The problem of homelessness can be seen throughout the whole world and there is nothing out there to fix it. Even cities such as Detroit, Michigan suffer from a large population of the homeless. There are too many homeless people trying to…show more content…
Job opportunities might lessen because the homeless are taking these jobs, but at the same time this is boosting the economy of Detroit and decreasing the unemployment rate. Fixing homelessness could also throw people out of their jobs if they are the ones working with the homeless. However, some people choose to be homeless and will want to remain homeless, which can help these people keep their jobs. Overall, there are more positives that outweigh the negatives of fixing

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